When you just don't have the words or the time...
Knowing what to say on social media is half the battle. If you're tired of being frustrated with trying to find the right words or simply don't have the time to worry about it, our social media content writing packages are here to save the day!

Each package includes images/graphics (as appropriate) and hashtags (hashtags for Twitter and Instagram only). Your personal file will be stored on Google Drive where you can access your posts from anywhere. 

Use the order form below to get started! We'll send you a brand profile right away so that we can be clear on your unique message and service.

We can help with social media content for:
- Campaigns
- Events
- Evergreen Content (timeless posts)
- Monthly Calendars
- & More

Questions? Call us at (305) 537-6465.
*If you wish to purchase a custom package or learn more about our
full-service social media management packages, please call us at (305) 537-6465 or visit our website at miss-ink.com.
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Refund Policy:  You are purchasing an intangible irrevocable good/service. Because of this we do not issue refunds once the order is received and the product is sent.  In order to complete your order, we must receive either your client profile form (first-time customers only) or a reply to the confirmation email (repeat customers only) within 5 calendar days of your purchase.  Miss Ink, LLC will not issue refunds for orders that have not been completed due to failure of the customer to provide the necessary information within 5 calendar days. We will honor a refund within 30 calendar days only if you have not received social media content and you have submitted your client profile form (new clients only) or have replied to the confirmation email (repeat customers only) as noted above. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this policy and agree to these terms with your purchase.